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BOOMITY will turn your website into a
powerful Marketing Machine

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Now there is no excuse not to have a current website

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    No programming required

  • updated seo updated social media marketing updated content management

    Ensures information is not outdated

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    No technical skills necessary

  • content managenment system in-house updates

    No need to farm out changes to developers and agencies

Discover DIY Editing

Ensure Brand Consistency across multiple websites

Brands think globally, while business is done locally. Boomity platform allows local chapters and divisions to create unique content for each unique audience, while maintaining consistent brand messaging and look across multiple website communities.

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Seamlessly share Content across your network of websites

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Learn how to share content

Powerful online marketing features all in one platform

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Web Platform/CMS

If you can use MS Word, you can use Boomity. Your website can be changed daily - it's that simple to use. If you like the look of your existing website - no problem - we can match what you have - there is no unnecessary duplication of the creative process. 

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You can’t imagine how easy it is to blog and how great looking your blog will be. If you feel the urge, you can go blog crazy and schedule numerous blogs for future publication. Blogging is one of the best ways to build community involvement.

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Landing Pages

You can use Landing pages to capture user data, such as a name, phone numbers and email address. All the collected data is accessible in a concise form allowing you to connect with your contacts at a later time.

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Events Calendar

Let your constituents know what events are coming up and even send out an invitation if you like. Ask for an RSVP and keep track of attendees or just publish the event to your event calendar. Boomity has made Event management elegant through its simplicity.

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Engage your members with forums and community discussions, a great mechanism to make your site meaningful to the most important customers. Having your community discuss topics that is of importance to them is one of the best ways to make your website truly value added and hence, “sticky.”

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Get to know your audience and understand what they want to hear, see, and learn. See if your marketing effort is working and make adjustments when necessary. Track which keywords are effective, monitor where your web traffic is coming from, and know which pages get the most eyeballs.

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Email Marketing

With Boomity you can create and send professional looking newsletters, invitations, and announcements. Test different mailing campaigns, track who has opened your mail and see which emails bounced. You can send 1 email or 50,000 emails.

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Media and Document Sharing

Share videos, pictures, documents and podcasts simply and beautifully. With little effort your media will be featured in a professional looking style. You decide what media gets to be shared with the public and which is held within a private community.

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Questionnaires, Surveys and Polls

Understand your audience and what they want to hear, see, and learn by using Boomity’s polls, surveys, and customizable community questions.

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Social Dashboard

Manage your Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and Google+ accounts all from one easy to use dashboard. No need to jump between different social media sites. Review the latest feeds and post your message out to all your favorite networks from one location.

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Webinars/Online Meetings

Everyone is busy these days and it's often hard to get everyone to meet in the same place at the same time. Using Boomity's online meeting capabilities makes it easier for all. Use the online meeting whiteboard to work collaboratively, share your desktop in real time, and record and save your sessions.

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Enhance your visitor’s web experience by adding content and features to your web pages through the use of widgets. Using widgets requires no coding or technical expertise. Use some of our default widgets (i.e., Facebook, Twitter, Blog Contributors, Donations, Featured Copy, Polls, Event Registration etc.) or easily create your own.

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There is always a need for an extra page on your website. Perhaps you want to feature a special product offering, an upcoming event or an important video. Whatever your needs may be, Boomity provides extra pages at your fingertips. Create as many pages as you like - or use added pages as your own micro-sites.

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Boomity is a platform that is fully hosted, maintained, monitored 24/7, backed up, and continually enhanced. From our client feedback, suggestions and needs, we are regularly enhancing the platform with new features and improved user friendliness.

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Right out of the box Boomity is optimized to get great results with the search engines. By the nature of how the platform is designed, you will be amazed at how effective your SEO will be. In addition to the platform's inherent effective SEO, Boomity provides features that you can use to further enhance your search results.

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Share and diseminate content across your organization through Boomity's proprietary Content Library. From headquarters to the chapters or divisions you can share all types of content. Best of all - it will just work. There is no need for re-working the graphics or re-designing a page to make it fit and look right. You decide who gets to share content within your organization. The Content Library will maintain your Brand consistency across your network of websites.

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Create beautiful e-commerce sites that will build your brand and increase revenues. With Boomity you can integrate your web community with specific products featured in your store. Our ecommerce offering is built on the Magento platform thereby offering robust yet highly flexible functionality and customization. Not to mention, the Boomity ecommerce platform is highly SEO optimized for enhanced search engine results.

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Custom Intergration

Boomity plays well with others! The architecture of Boomity enables the exchange data with third party Application Programming Interfaces (API’s) or to have third parties talk to our API. Our platform integrates well with external systems and we appreciate how it morphs into a bigger whole and into a better solution for our client’s customers. Whether we are integrating with a third party CRM like Salesforce, or a payment processing system like PayPal – we are experienced to make it work for your specific requirements.

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